Temperament: Guardian.


ESTJ s are naturally Energetic, Direct, Realistic and Effective individuals. they are extremely talented in planning, logistics, management and organization, which makes them great leaders of institutions, large firms and other activities where planning and action is required. ESTJ s know how to get the job done right, in time, with the least amount of resources and are extremely dependable. They will read the instruction manual before assembling a machine and keep well maintained, organized and in good working condition what is under their control, which is why they are one of the most likely types to succeed and usually have career paths that are very steep. The ESTJ is the poster child for our ideal of the Coordinator, without whom Structure, Order and literally society as a whole would cease to exist.

Communication Style

ESTJ s are very social people who love to have friends over, meet and be around new people. In discussions however they don’t like to chit-chat and prefer to get straight to the point and talk about things that matter. They don’t like avoidable mistakes and thus often preemptively explain the people around them how to do something in order to minimize those mistakes. They can be quite directive and like to use common language to make sure that everybody understands their directions.

Learning Style

ESTJ s are great learners. They can learn anything that they put their minds to, be it from books, experience or other media. They don’t naturally like things that are too abstract or seem to have no immediate application, but if they must understand it, they will put in whatever effort is required. They are detail oriented and have great memories which means they can easily be described as a walking encyclopedia only outranked by the ISTJ. Even though they will be good at learning whatever needs to get learned, they study easiest and most efficiently being taught by someone who knows their craft, seeing things in action and learning by doing. 

What goes on in your head

ESTJ s are preoccupied with procedures. They are amongst the most economical types and they hate to waste resources. As far as they are concerned, if things are left up to chance they usually go wrong and that’s why we have to plan for the future, organize our activities and build a solid foundation for life. To make this work most efficiently, procedures have to be established and the chain of command respected. When they are by themselves, ESTJ s either take in factual information or reflect on their past experiences where they also occasionally check in with their value systems. They are not generally interested in the abstract and theoretical and prefer to learn about things that they can use in real life and that will help them become more effective at work.

In Relationships

As with other things in life, ESTJ s are traditional in most respect when it comes to relationships and commit to establishing a family at the appropriate time in life. Even though they may go through several partners during their dating life, ESTJ s are strong and loyal partners who will respect their duties to their loved ones. For male ESTJ s this generally means to provide for the family and for female ESTJ s to take care of the home and nurturing their children. Due to their success and achievement oriented nature however, both male and female ESTJ s are prone to be driven of course in their family planning when they follow their careers where they often experience quick promotions. The ESTJ is most likely to bond successfully with the artistic ISFP who is drawn to the security the ESTJ provides and in return takes off the ESTJ s mind from their usually serious life for a little play, beauty and indulgence in life’s more hedonistic pleasures.

Growing up

As long as there is a structure provided by the family, ESTJ s are probably among the best children and students parents and teachers could wish for. They are success oriented, obedient, in charge of their environment and suck up knowledge and organizational makeups like a sponge. They are highly energetic, follow many interests and have a lot of friends, all the way staying right on course through education, career and building a successful family of their own. They are likely to become class presidents and leaders of many other youth organizations and generally don’t see the benefits of indulging in rebellious pubertal periods. When the young ESTJ s home and environment lacks structure and consistency however, the ESTJ child will either seek to find it somewhere else or become susceptible to depression and lacking a cause.


 Highly Effective,

 Structured and Organized

 Hard Working  and Action oriented achievers


 Dependable and Honest

 Able to make

 tough decisions and face difficult situations

 Energetic, Enthusiastic

 and Communicative


 May be insensitive to other’s feelings

 and motivations and intimidating in communication

 May be ignorant to the autonomy and

 merits of others and their viewpoints

 May develop sterile, unequivocal and

 rigid value systems and distrust of change

 May become disabled in non hierarchical

 organizational settings and obsessed with detail

 May become too serious and develop

 illness under stress

How others should deal with this type

Although full of excitement, drive and good intentions, ESTJ s can at times be difficult to deal with because of their apparent single-mindedness and occasional disregard for individuality and personal space. As with the ENTJ, it is not advisable to engage them in a head on argument, but much rather to try and gain them for your cause. It is important to remember that the ESTJ needs structure and operates in hierarchical terms with information flowing upwards and decisions flowing down. Therefore, instead of trying to convince an ESTJ or present them with arguments, it is more effective to provide them with information and let them make their own decisions. Even desires and feelings can be conveyed in form of factual and straightforward information and thus you should tell the ESTJ what you want or how you feel and not how you think the ESTJ should think about them or how they are supposed to act. ESTJ s need to make their own decisions, they are communal and they want to be accommodating and they will try to figure out the logistics of your request whether or not they understand it.

How you should deal with others

As an ESTJ you should keep in mind that not everybody is as keen as you in organizing the world around them and often rebel against structure and rules just for the sake of it. While out of line behaviour is annoying to most ESTJ s, you should remember that different people have different skills and that all of them are important for society to function as a whole. Just because some people lay more value on their feelings or their freedom and cannot express themselves as well as you, doesn’t mean that they serve no purpose or that their input is less valuable. When you are around people you should try to become more aware of the sheer coercive power you have over them and try to pay more attention to those people’s personal desires and needs. Understanding and dealing with the emotional aspect of things can be very draining for you because of your lesser developed Feeling Function, however, if you simply allow yourself to occasionally ask people about their feelings and desires you can incorporate their answers as factual information into your decision. This will make people more accepting of your leadership position, harmonize your environment and ultimately make your work more effective.