Temperament: Rational.


ENTP s are naturally energetic, inventive, friendly and enthusiastic individuals. They are highly intelligent and have an innate desire to innovate, which is why they like to understand and change everything that catches their eye. Because of this, their need for independence and drive for experience, they often embark on multiple projects, multi-task and jump from one thing to the next, making them exceptionally good innovators, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs however they will be drawn more to R&D projects rather than simply business and even as employees they will often find ways to improve on the directions and processes received from their superiors. The ENTP is the poster child for our ideal of the inventor, without whom innovation, drive and fearless exploration would vanish from society.

Communication Style

ENTP s are very lively, inspired and talkative types who love to discuss new ideas with others. Even when they are deeply involved with a running project they can easily switch their mind set and talk about completely unrelated things, dreaming about projects everywhere. They are highly intelligent, see opportunities, know when they want something and very easily inspire and motivate others to join them once they’ve embarked on a quest. They are so good at motivating because they present pure energy and because their debate and language skills are highly developed, yet adaptable to the crowd they’re facing. In discussion the ENTP is likely to talk in general terms and at times employs abstract concepts and intellectually demanding language. Above all however it's the idea and conceptualization that is interesting to the ENTP and implementation often enjoys limited attention.

Learning Style

ENTP s are naturally inquiring and learn throughout their lives as they try to figure out ways to make things better. They have a natural inclination to question institutions and thus protest against any learning that seems banal or studied, just for the sake of studying. The best way to entice an ENTP to study is to provide required materials and ask them for ways on how to improve either what is covered or how it is learned. As proactive Extroverts, ENTP s also study better when they can do so in groups and discuss their ideas with others. This can be extremely beneficial for both the ENTP and other members of the group as the ENTP will pick up on information missed during their own studies and others can learn from the unconventional input of the ENTP .

What goes on in your head

The ENTP s appearance is very happy and energetic and they also don’t lose much time drooling over difficulties when they are alone. In reflection they will logically assess their progress, occasionally remember recent experiences and come up with ways of change efficiently if something appears to be going the wrong way. In support of their innovative activities outside, they also have a decent capacity for studying logical and factual information by reading books or other media. However, as this is an energy consuming activity for the ENTP they much prefer to get back out in the world to mix and shake things up and promote development.

In Relationships

In relationships ENTP s are almost insatiable. As with everything else in life they are constantly looking for improvement, development and change, which is quite contrary to other’s search for calm, care and safety. Because of this, ENTP s should not be expected to commit to extraordinarily long and faithful relationships, which is especially true during their younger years. To give them a partner in their inquisitive quests and satisfy their boundless need for something new, the ENTP suits best with the mentoring INFJ who has such great depth and slow revealing character that the ENTP can commit a lifetime uncovering their layered emotions and traits. In union the two may form a symbiotic bond of the ideological visionary and innovative promoter, soothing care, conceptual planning, fearless enthusiasm, innovation and sweeping change.

Growing up

Growing up ENTP children are likely to have a lot of interests, get through school with little effort and make friends easily. Since they are highly independent, witty, intelligent and generally disregard authority derived by title, parents and teachers can have a hard time controlling them, especially because they are very good at reasoning or bargaining themselves out of trouble. They get through school easily because they understand and play the system, part of which is befriending their teachers, whether they are liked or not. Throughout their childhood they are most interested in the world around them, how it works and how they can change it, which of course includes a lot of taking apart, trial and error. The ENTP child doesn’t want to follow a set path, which is why the best way to support their development is to understand what their interests are and give them study materials or ideas they may have overlooked.


 Highly intelligent and Innovative


 minded and Friendly

 Skillful in Communication and Debate

 Independent and Adaptable

 Energetic and Motivating


 May be restless and unsatiable

 May be insensitive to others needs

 May be too risk loving

 May lack skill and patience in implementation

 May be dismissive of those with differing views

How others should deal with this type

When dealing with an ENTP it is important to remember that often times what might sound like an argument is actually part of the ENTP s creative process and should be regarded as brainstorming. ENTP s need to verbalize what’s going on in their minds and this can sometimes be confusing to others who like to have a more systematic approach to their reasoning. In such situations others are advised to frequently remind the ENTP what the goal of the discussion is while screening out the ENTP s lesser practical ideas. ENTP s are very creative and can come up with ingenious and unconventional ideas. However, if discussion partners don’t understand each others motives and processes, their input is wasted at the detriment of all involved.

How you should deal with others

ENTP sshould be aware of their presence around people and the effect they can have on them. Because the ENTP s head is full of ideas they need to express, they can be very vocal and somewhat neglecting of others point of view. This can be very frustrating to partners in a discussion and limit productivity. To become more effective and better develop their ideas, the ENTP should try to listen more to what others have to say and try to incorporate their input. This is especially important when they are discussing the implementation of a project, which is a potential weak spot of the ENTP . Listening to what other's have to say is further beneficial to the ENTP because it gives them factual information previously overlooked and has the potential of sparking a whole new string of creative thinking and ideas for the ENTP .