Temperament: Rational.


ENTJ s are charismatic, strategic, effective and ambitious individuals. They naturally gravitate towards positions of leadership because of their strong ability to convince people. Their skills in debate and reasoning are second to none and through their energetic and decisive appearance people around them feel compelled to follow their lead. They are social, goal oriented and highly effective people who know what they want, how to get it and who to employ and there is little that can keep the ENTJ from achieving their goals. This is why the ENTJ is often described as the most likely to succeed. The ENTJ is the poster child for our ideal of the General, without whom strategy, action and sweeping global change would vanish from society.

Communication Style

As a forte of this type, the ENTJ is ultimately effective in communicating with others and has a special talent in getting people committed to their campaigns and charismatic rule. They are so highly effective because they know how to use abstract language, clearly defined words and strikingly accurate sentences, but also because they have the ability to take it down a notch and appeal to subjects of lesser academic intellect. The ENTJ loves to debate and is probably the best at it. They are highly strategic, which means that they usually know what to expect from their opponent and have a suiting plan of action, thinking at least five steps ahead. In addition they have great people skills, which they use not primarily to appeal to others, but to portray confidence and/or intimidate their subjects into followership. The ENTJ due to their Extraversion can also appear very animated in their body language, speaking with their face, arms and hands. However, all forms of communication is usually part of the ENTJ s strategy, carefully placed to reach the most desirable outcome.

Learning Style

Even though ENTJ s usually perform very well in school, they don’t like to study for study’s sake or even going through the learning experience at all. They are much more interested in action and the application of the things they are supposed to learn. On the other hand, they have great abilities to comprehend and absorb abstract and theoretical concepts. Therefore, an ENTJ learns best when provided all the necessary learning materials, economically and pragmatically presented in snippets of information. The learning curve of the ENTJ increases dramatically if they are allowed to present their newly acquired knowledge and its application in discussion or debate groups. This is important not only because the ENTJ develops new insights and ideas while talking about something, but also because they will pick up on pieces of information presented by others that have been overlooked during the ENTJ s economic style of study.

What goes on in your head

The ENTJ initiates action when they are in the extroverted world around people, geared towards effectivity and efficiency. Thus, they use their alone time to reflect and justify their actions. They generally have an optimistic outlook and focus their ideas on the evolution of mankind. They will even sometimes look at the moral implications, right and wrong of their actions, which is something they are not usually credited for in the outside world. The ENTJ can also work being alone, which is when they spot abstract relationships and come up with new and innovative systems and solutions to their tasks. Overall however, the ENTJ does not like being by themselves for too long and prefers to get out where they can get things moving and come up with solutions to emerging necessities.

In Relationships

ENTJ s are not the most romantic of types and don’t usually see the search for a soulmate as a primary objective in life. Therefore they usually mate for more practical reasons, which is either establishing a family or the attendance of more basic personal needs. If the latter is the case, they are likely to change relationships frequently as the excitement of a playmate starts to fade. This can change dramatically if an ENTJ finds inspiration for their work in an idealist INFP which is when a romantic union for a joint quest may be formed and lasting infatuation is supported through mutual admiration. A dream come true for the romantic and gentle INFP and an unexpected wonder for the charismatic and powerful ENTJ .

Growing up

Growing up ENTJ children are determined to follow their own order from an early age and it is usually difficult for parents and teachers to effectively control them. On the one hand this is because ENTJ s know exactly what they want and how to get it, but also because they intrinsically enjoy taking an opposing stance and engage in debate. They love to debate with their parents, their teachers and their friends whenever the opportunity presents itself. They usually do exceptionally well in school all the way through higher education, not because they enjoy studies or even commit to them in the first place, but because they go about it economically, getting the best results with the least amount of effort. Rather than being led they usually lead and the best way to support their development is by providing them with the factual information and tools they need to succeed.


 Powerful and Charismatic Leaders

 Highly Effective and Strategic

 Strong Reasoning and Management Skills

 Able to accept and integrate criticism

 Optimistic, Realistic and likely to



 May assess things too impersonal

 May appear intimidating and commanding

 May be oblivious to their personal needs

 and health

 May develop unrealistic ambitions

 May become ignorant of the beliefs and

 desires of others

How others should deal with this type

Dealing with an ENTJ can be problematic for other types because of the ENTJ s pragmatic outlook, charismatic stature and skill in debate. To make life with an ENTJ more harmonic you can try to reason less and instead explain to the ENTJ what is important to you. The ENTJ is almost impossible to beat in an argument nor are they likely to be convinced that what they believe is wrong, but they can become a powerful ally in helping you to figure out how to achieve your own goals. If you are trying to convince the ENTJ of an error, simply point out the problem and give them the opportunity to reason for a better solution by themselves. With an ENTJ the argument cannot be won through confrontation, but by having them on your side.

How you should deal with others

As an ENTJ you should try to become aware of your affect on others. By being at times too pragmatic and too overpowering, others can become intimidated by you and fail to give you important information. You can try to listen more about what others have to say and incorporate their desires into your reasoning and strategy. Not all people have your capacity for logic, argument and effect, but that does not mean that their input is less important. To create a more harmonic environment and ultimately to achieve the most desirable effect, try to understand and incorporate when someone is making an emotional argument and give people time to collect and express their thoughts.