Temperament: Idealist.


ENFP ’s are fun loving, thrill seeking and benevolent human beings who see meaning in everything. They live life for the human experience and seek emotional stimulation. Extremely optimistic, these idealists dream of a world where everyone is happy, free and unique. They love diversity and meeting new people day-in day-out and they are especially interested in what makes them special. Because of their overwhelming curiosity, ENFP ’s make especially good researchers and investigative journalists, but they are generally good at whatever they wish to do. The ENFP is the showcase type for our ideal of the Muse, without which love, excitement and deep felt emotions would vanish from society.

Communication Style

ENFP ’s see the world as a bright and colorful fountain of Ideas, which swirl around in their creative heads, desperate to come out. That’s why ENFP ’s can talk a lot about this and that, especially inquiring about the nature of things introduced with words like “I wonder…” or “what do you think of…” . They are soft spoken charmers who can talk their way out of anything, not being manipulative, but simply because people can fall so easily for the seemingly endless optimism of this type. They use their entire body to communicate words, body and facial expressions and are extremely good at motivating people.

What goes on in your head

ENFP ’s are not often alone. They like to be around people, but when they are by themselves they compare the impressions they’ve gathered from the outside world against their internal value system. They remember what people did and what they said, their own actions and they try to figure out what was right and wrong, in order to do it better next time. They Daydream about the future, and certainly, that is one where people are holding hands, love each other and exchange caring hugs, dressed in a colorful display of happy diversity. ENFP ’s are not afraid to express their emotions, but because they love to be out there around people so much, they strongly need the occasional alone-time where they can get in touch with their inner self and reflect on their individuality.

In Relationships

ENFP ’s are very romantic beings with an undying dream of finding true love. Because of their strong exposure to the moment in the outside world they seek a partner who may bring them unification, stability, loving guidance and inner peace. Highly sensual, ENFP ’s often have many relationships, but in contrast to some other types, the ENFP will have given each of these relationships full dedication, drenched in optimism that this be the one. When in a relationship they focus their energy on the happiness and success of their partner and it is when this devout generosity is reciprocated that an eternal bond may be formed. ENFP ’s are naturally drawn to the scientific INTJ and humanistic INFJ with whom they can embark on a joint optimistic mission to the future.

Growing up

In childhood ENFP ’s are natural players. They generally get along well with whomever they like and are on a constant quest to learn more about the functioning of the world and especially the people within it. ENFP ’s don’t naturally get along with strict and rule oriented parents, and when this happens they are bound to become little rebels, breaking rules for breaking’s sake until they re-establishe their individuality and freedom. When supported in their cause however, ENFP children can become highly intellectual and motivated children that are a loving inspiration to their friends. Never really fond of growing up, they nevertheless develop an extraordinary range of talents and usually lead successful and happy lives in a changing string of careers and occupations.


 Highly Energetic and Empathic

 Exploring and Innovative

 Altruistic and Diplomatic

 Optimistic and Motivating

 Tolerant and Fair


 Occasional lack of focus

 Overly impulse driven

 Emotional and attention seeking

 Frequently exposed to dangerous situations

 Developing aversion and resentment against

 controlling bodies

How others should deal with this type

Despite their happy optimism, ENFP ’s can be exhausting to other types sometimes, always inquiring, always talking and pushing the boundaries of fun to another level. They may also be emotionally exhausting, because they are always seeking the emotional experience. When dealing with an electrically charged ENFP it is important to understand that this type uses these actions as an outlet and exploration of their ideas and that they don’t necessarily need you to engage with everything that they are saying. ENFP ’s can also be quite adamant in convincing their friends to accept a challenge. As ENFP ’s do this quite often you should remember that it is not an insult to occasionally deny an ENFP challenge. When an ENFP is down, this type may often act out and search for things that help them forget. This can even take on dangerous forms and loved ones should help the ENFP avoiding such behavior. When sad, the ENFP is in need of attention and the more of their friends are around the better. Long conversations, hugs and just a friendly atmosphere is what this type needs, after which they can quickly return to their optimistic self and return the love that they received.

How you should deal with others

ENFP 's have a natural ability to deal with others, first because they are extremely intuitive about people and second because they are naturally friendly. Their strong intuition gives them the ability to adjust their behavior naturally depending on who they're dealing with and adapt their speech patterns and logic. ENFP 's however can be somewhat overwhelming, especially for Judging and Introverted types, because they don't tend to filter their ideas and perceptions before speaking. When dealing with such types ENFP 's should sit back sometimes and think about what they are saying and how this ties into the theme of the discussion.